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SMLMA Practice Leadership Forum is pleased to present TIPS & TOOLS—a bimonthly feature offering information, insights and solutions for improving practice workflow and administrative efficiencies. SMLMA Supporting Partner Principled Medical Management, addresses the importance of setting clear, measurable goals:

This Is Why Physicians Need Goals, By James Keil, MBA, FACHE, FACMPE

Goal setting in physician practice management is often overlooked or forgotten when day-to-day challenges and general inertia takes precedence. It takes discipline to run your practice with a constant eye on the goals that will actually improve your bottom line, instead of attending only to the details in front of you. In fact, many of the top headaches of physician practices can be caused by the lack of concrete, measurable goals. Continue reading

TIPS & TOOLS is sponsored by SMLMA Practice Leadership Forum. For questions or to submit an article for publication, contact Rachel Pandolfi at or 707-525-4375.

Principled Medical Management provides financial management, operations management, organizational governance, business development and marketing, human resource management, risk and compliance oversight, and strategic planning for solo and small group practices. Visit

Saving Private Practice is a program designed to assist solo/small/medium medical practice physicians with educational webinars and resources.

Webinar Series

You are invited to join these monthly webinars for physicians and their staff to assist with office operations, decision making, and practice management. Each webinar will be hosted every third Wednesday of the month at 12:15 PM for physicians and their staff to attend together. Sign up for the next Saving Private Practive Webinar by clicking HERE.

One-hour webinar sessions will be led by Debra Phairas, President of Practice and Liability Consultants, LLC. Practice and Liability Consultants, LLC provides practice management consulting services. Webinars will be recorded and slides will be available after the presentation.


Webinar 1: Practice Options


Webinar 2: Survival Skills to Thrive in Private Practice!

Watch the recording


Webinar 3: Top 10 Strategies to Lower Overhead Costs in Your Practice

Watch the recording

Stay Tuned for more Practice Management events! To join the email list for upcoming events and more information on Saving Private Practice, please contact the Director of Membership and Programs, Rachel at

Additional Resources

Private Practice: Attending to Business by American Medical Association
A mini-series from the AMA STEPS Forward podcast to help navigate medical practice business operations and efficiency solutions to create and support thriving business. Episodes cover topics such as:

A System-level appraoch to EHR inbox reduction
Physicians from from 3 organizations provide a 9-step process (PDF) and a checklist (PDF) to reduce EHR inboxes at the system level based on their personal experiences eliminating unnecessary burdens and improving EHR workflows at each of their organizations.

Having Trouble with Prior Authorization?

If you have waited days or months for an insurance company to approve a treatment prescribed by your doctor, the California Medical Association (CMA) wants to hear from you. Share your unique experience as physician or health care professional so we can fight back to ensure California policy puts patients first. Share your experience by clicking HERE.